Toolmakers Lease Programme

The programme enables the amortization of tooling project costs over an agreed timeline dependent on the financial requirement.

The following guidelines provide an overview of the requirements:

  • Financial minimum £70,000.00, maximum £2,000,000.00
  • The lease period is dependent on the financial requirement and size of project ranging from two to four years in duration
  • The client will be either the manufacturer, or the Tier 1 organisation, the toolmaker is not eligible for this programme
  • The rate of interest is dependent on the financial strength of the manufacturer and their ability to pay in full the amount secured as a lease
  • The contract will be between the asset management company and the manufacturer/tier1 over a set period of time.
  • The manufacturer will pay either a monthly or quarterly agreed amount whilst the tools are being manufactured. During this time, the asset (tool or suite of tools) will remain the property of the asset management company
  • On the satisfactory completion of the project, the manufacturer will pay a small administration fee, which will transfer the ownership to said company. This figure will be dependent on the financial requirement but will not exceed 0.50% of the sum financed at the lowest lease option set at £70,000.00

The GTMA Toolmakers Lease Programme is a partnership project with the UK Tooling Alliance

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