Integrative physical therapy to overcome knee pain

Getting the help of physical therapy to overcome knee pain

Knee pain is a common health issue that we can find among people. Among the treatments available for people with knee pain, physical therapy has received a lot of attention. It can deliver positive results for anyone with knee pain, without delivering any negative side effects.

Keep on reading and we will share more details on how physical therapy can help you to overcome knee pain.


Why do you get knee pain?

To understand the reason why you get knee pain, you should have a strong understanding of the anatomy of the knee. The human knee is pretty much similar to a hinge joint. There are four different ligaments that are supporting the knee. On the other hand, you can find two different shock absorbers within the knee as well.

There can be different types of knee pain that a person can get. You should have a strong understanding of those different types of knee pain so that you can work according to ensure your relief. Here are some of the most prominent types of knee pain that people can get.

  • Acute pain – Acute knee pain is the most severe type of knee pain that you can get. It can affect you after a period of 1 to 7 days from an injury. During this time period, you will need to keep your knee at rest. Along with that, you will need to allow the injured structures to heal before you continue to move.
  • Sub-acute pain – Sub-acute knee pain would take place around 2 to 6 weeks after an injury. You will be able to start off with gentle motion when you have sub-acute knee pain. This will help you to regain lost mobility.
  • Chronic knee pain – Knee pain that would last for over 8 to 12 weeks is known as chronic knee pain. If you are having chronic knee pain, it is important to keep the assistance of a healthcare expert.

Can you receive relief from physical therapy?

Physical therapy and Wellness  is a proven and effective method available for anyone to follow and overcome knee pain. However, you should seek the assistance of a reputed physical therapist to experience all the benefits that come along with it.

During the initial visit to the physical therapist, you will be provided with assistance in diagnosis. Based on that, an appropriate plan will be created to help you with managing knee pain.

You can expect the physical therapist to interview you so that additional information about your health condition can be gathered. Along with that, the therapist will also be able to understand the relieving and aggravating factors.

The physical therapist can even understand how your previous health history is contributing to knee pain.

Based on this analysis, you can get to know about a proper plan, which you should follow in order to overcome knee pain with physical therapy.


What will you have to do to overcome knee pain with physical therapy?

After the detailed examination, your physical therapist will come up with a treatment plan and recommend that to you. You can receive all the support to initiate the treatment. However, you will need to do a lot of work from your end as well Without being active, you will never be able to receive the benefits that come from the plan.

You will have to do some exercises at home on a regular basis. You should create a plan and stick to them.

Here are some of the exercises that you will have to follow when you are following physical therapy to overcome knee pain.

  • Heel and calf stretch

Heel and calf stretch would focus on the muscles of the lower leg. This is a proven method to engage the calf muscles. To do that, you should stand facing a wall. Then you should place the hands on the wall and place one foot back. While keeping the feet facing forward, you should bend on the knees forward.

Then you should learn to stretch and hold that for around 30 seconds. This is where you can experience a stretch in the back leg. Then you can change the legs and repeat. You should continue doing this for both legs.

  • Quadriceps stretch

The quadriceps stretch would specifically focus on the quadriceps, which are the muscles located in the front of the thighs. When you try this workout, you will be able to enhance the overall flexibility of the body and the quadriceps muscles. It can deliver effective results to you by overcoming knee pain as well.

To proceed with the quadriceps stretch, you will need to stand near a wall. Then you should place the feet shoulder-width apart. Along with that, you can bend one knee, so that one of your feet will go up towards the glutes. Then you need to grab the ankle and pull that to the glutes. You need to hold that position for around 30 minutes.

After that, you should get back to the starting position and change the legs. You should repeat this two times on each side to get the best results.

  • Half squat

When it comes to physical therapy exercises to overcome knee pain, you should be focusing more on strengthening exercises as well. Half squat is one of the most prominent strengthening exercises available for you to consider. You should get to the standing squat position while keeping the feet at a distance of shoulder-width apart.

Then you will need to place the hands on the hips. While looking ahead, you should squat down for around 10 inches. This would be the halfway point that you can get in for the full squat. At this position, you should pause for a couple of seconds.

Then you can stand up while pushing the heels. You should repeat this around 10 times in 2 to 3 sets.


What other exercises can you follow to overcome knee pain with Integrative Physical Therapy?

Along with these prominent exercises, there are numerous other proven and highly effective exercises that you can follow to overcome knee pain with Integrative Physical Therapy. Depending on your condition, you can expect the physical therapist to recommend these to you.

No matter what exercises are recommended to you, you need to be active and engage with the program recommended by the physical therapist. You might notice that some of the workouts are not directly impacting your knees.

However, you should still be following them because those are the strengthening exercises, which can enhance overall knee mobility.

You should be following exercises as the main method to overcome knee pain. This is where you should focus more on the balance exercises, lower extremity stretch exercises to strengthen the hips, short arc quads, and quad sets.

With the help of these workouts, you can receive outstanding results in overcoming knee pain. You just need to stick to the plan given by the physical therapist and follow that. Then you will be able to get the best possible results that come to you along with the assistance to overcome knee pain.

You can receive long-lasting results with physical therapy.

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